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Volunteering with The Shoebox Project is an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience.  You’ll be on the ground floor of a quickly rising national charity that is committed to spreading compassion, empathy and kindness to women impacted by homelessness, one Shoebox at a time. Each year, our mission to distribute gift-filled Shoeboxes across Canada, USA and UK is achieved by a team of 500+ hard-working and passionate volunteers.

We offer volunteer leadership and support positions at the local level and a variety of remote-based support positions at our head office as well!

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Start a Local Chapter

Do you live in a community where we do not yet have a Local Chapter? If so, please consider applying to be a Local Coordinator!
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Support a Local Chapter

It takes a village of volunteers at the community level to support our local chapter Shoebox drives. There are a variety of roles for individuals to get involved to help them reach their goals.
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Volunteer with HQ

Volunteer behind the scenes with our team at head office to keep it all running smoothly. Many of our opportunities are offered remotely. Your skills will be very much appreciated!
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Community groups are an integral part of the success of our local Shoebox drives! Working together as a team has BIG impact in the community and the women we serve.


At The Shoebox Project, we believe that EVERYONE can make a difference. We are working to strengthen community engagement and volunteerism among our youngest supporters by offering a fun, interactive, and meaningful way to give back to our local communities.