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Searching for local coordinator

This chapter is currently seeking a local coordinator. If you are interested in applying, please click here for more information.

2021 Shoebox Holiday Drive

We're excited to be launching the 2021 holiday season gift drive! Please check this page again soon for more information.

Here's how you can support us in the mean time:

100% of your donation will go toward purchasing gift cards and essentials for local women impacted by homelessness.

2022 Shoebox Valentine's Day Drive

Dates: January 13 - January 31, 2022

This Valentine's Day season, help us give the gift of love to women in our community. Fill a standard-sized, decorated Shoebox with approximately $50 worth of gifts and essentials that any woman might enjoy, and include a warm greeting or message of support. Take your finished Shoebox gift to the drop-off location below, and our volunteers will distribute these gifts to local women of the Salvation Army's Red Shield Project.

The shelter has also expressed a major need for feminine hygiene products. If you'd like to help supply feminine hygiene products, please do not include these in your Shoebox gift, but feel free to include them separately.

Click here to learn how to create a Shoebox

Drop-Off Locations

Please click the address to view operating hours.

The Wellness Refinery
216 Church St 1st floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106

There are also other ways you can participate!

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We're Seeking Volunteers!

Shoebox Inspection Support
Work closely with other volunteers to assist in ensuring that each Shoebox donated is inspected, sealed and ready for delivery.
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Age suitability: 15+

Shoebox Inspections and Distribution Coordinator
Manage a team of volunteers in organizing the inspection of Shoeboxes and coordinate plan for distribution  of Shoeboxes.
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Age suitability: 18+

Fundraising Support
Help the team implement fundraising initiatives by supporting various event logistics and other fundraising activities.
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Age suitability: 15+

School Outreach Coordinator
Reach out to and form relationships with local primary, secondary & post-secondary schools/clubs to spread awareness and gain interest and support for your chapter goals. Help facilitate school Shoebox drives, item donation collection and notecard writing and for larger chapters lead school ambassador team in coordinating these school events.
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Age suitability: 18+

Note Card Writer
Creating personalized note cards for each Shoebox gift to ensure each recipient has a note of support along with her gift.
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Age suitability: 9 - 99+

Homelessness in



15,000 People (including families) access shelter in Philadelphia each year (2017).


In November 2017, 955 homeless people remained unsheltered due to shelter capacities.


The rate of unsheltered homelessness among Latinx/Hispanic individuals increased by 35% in 2017, compared to a 6% increase among the non-Latinx/Hispanic community.

Our Shoeboxes Go to Women At the Following Agencies...

Salvation Army's Red Shield Project

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